Passion, experimentation and sustainability

The team of agronomists, processors and researchers behind BioDea products is highly qualified and has been working in the agricultural sector for years. Numerous publications and international projects have contributed to the development of these innovative products. The technical staff is able to provide assistance and advice to farms and individuals, both in Italy and abroad. The experiments took place in the field of biodynamic, organic, and conventional agriculture. The goal is to provide farms with a viable alternative that is economically convenient, sustainable, respectful of the environment and that meets the consumer's needs for a healthy diet. The agricultural products obtained are the subject of high scientific interest not only for the zero residues given by the absence of the use of pesticides and agrochemicals, but also for analyzing the nutraceutical values they contain. The passion that unites our team is our strength for a sustainable quality of life.
CEO - RM Group Energy Solutions

Francesco Barbagli

Entrepreneur with particular vocation for the development of processes useful for the production of renewable energy, finished products from by-products, formulated for use also in agriculture. Currently engaged in developing the patented redox process in depression to extract vegetable distillates, charcoal and energy with the capture and reduction of atmospheric CO2.

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team di ricerca BioDea
Agronomists and Researchers

A research team

The team of agronomists and researchers who collaborate on the BioDea project is constantly growing, they all share the same environmental philosophy and the goal of sustainable agriculture.

BioDea thanks the collaboration of important academic figures who, thanks to their experiments, have given scientific evidence of the effectiveness of our products

Research: the first step towards a sustainable future

There are many scientific evidences regarding the efficacy and sustainability of BioDea products and in particular of wood distillate, obtained in collaboration with Italian and European universities;

Università di Pisa e Agenzia CSIRO

The scientific publication of Professor Becagli and Professor Cardelli of the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environnement (DAFE) has been the subject of international scientific publication in the prestigious Australian Government Agency for Scientific Research on Innovation and Technology (CSIRO), with evidence of the positive effects “Pre-biotic” of wood distillate in the soil and relative increase in microbial activity.

La tesi del Dott. Asoli - Università di Firenze

The thesis on the Wood Distillate entitled: “Phytoiatric potential of Wood Winegar: in vitro analysis of the antimicrobial and phytostimulating activity” Asoli G. 2017-18, demonstrated the effective protective and barrier action against pathogens and their phytostimulating capacity. The bacterial and fungal strains used for carrying out the thesis were selected from the collections present at the Laboratory of Molecular Plant Pathology (LPVM) of the Department of Agri-food Production and Environmental Sciences (DISPAA), University of Florence.

Contact person: Dr. Stefania Tegli.

La tesi del Dr. Moratelli - Università degli Studi di Siena

The thesis testifies to the eco-physiological effects of BioDea Wood Distillate on a horticultural species: the salad. The results allow us to conclude that foliar treatment with Wood Distillate has an important positive effect on the chlorophyll content (+ 50%) in canasta lettuce plants.

La Tesi del Dott. Tessi - Università degli Studi di Firenze

The thesis of Dr. Tessi, of which Prof. Stefania Tegli is supervisor, analyzes the potential of pyrolegnose acid as a stimulator of plant growth, evaluated by the root elongation test carried out on A. thaliana and N. tabacum and results comparable for these two species.