Our agronomists developed several cultivations sheets for the main cultivations. If you don’t manage to find the one that interests you, do not hesitate to ask it for free by sending us an email: info@biodea.bio

Find out all the indications of use of BioDea Wood Distillate for the following cultivations:

Rapeseed cultivation sheet BioDea
Small fruits cultivation sheet BioDea
Wheat cultivation sheet BbioDdea
Rice cultivation sheet BioDea
scheda coltuirale kaki
Nursery gardening Cultivation sheet BioDea
Flax cultivation sheet BioDea
Walnut cultivation sheet BioDea
Cherry tree cultivation sheet BioDea
Cruciferae cultivation sheet BioDea
BioDeaschedacolturaledistillatodilegnobio (6)
BioDeaschedacolturaledistillatodilegnobio (4)
scheda colturalesoiabiodeadistillatodilegnobio
BioDeaschedacolturaledistillatodilegnobio (10)
scheda colturale melograno
BioDeaschedacolturaledistillatodilegnobio (9)
BioDeaschedacolturaledistillatodilegnobio (7)
BioDeaschedacolturaledistillatodilegnobio (5)

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