Horn manure or Process 500

Horn manure or Process 500 is a fresh cow manure which is deposited in the horn of a cow that has reproduced at least once and then buried. As soon as it is unearthed, it appears as humus, dark, odorless, fresh, moist and colloidal.


It acts on the soil and on the plants, enhancing the vegetative and / or productive behaviors and improving the yield and the quality of the production. It allows the soil to enrich itself with the necessary bacterial flora and it is essential for the humification process of the organic substance and in the organization and availability of the mineral elements of the soil; It balances and increases biological life in the soil by supporting the presence of earthworms: It improves fertility especially of marginal and deteriorated soils; It promots the right balance between the growth of the roots and the leaf system and helps the plant with drought stress or water stagnation, by increasing its natural defensive system against pathogens and environmental stres; It increases the stabilityof the soil structure with a greater defensive system against surface erosion.
Cornoletame BioDea
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500 Cornoletame


It enriches


It activates


Humus formation


Plants rooting