Horn Silica or 501

Like all biodynamic preparations, Horn Silica needs a complete annual cycle for its development.
The quartz used for the preparation of 501, whose active ingredient is silicon oxide, has a very large reflective surface when it is pulverized; in this form, once placed in the cow's horn, it undergoes the energy of light and summer heat and finally sprayed, it diffuses the accumulated light giving the plants a high photosynthetic capacity which is highly stimulating in the growth of the plant and in the production of sugars as well as it is protected from the sun rays.


According to Steiner, spray preparations affect the growth dynamics of plants throughout their cycle.
Hornsilica, ripened in the soil where natural processes of silica transformation are activated, support its bioactivity in the plant, increases flower induction, stimulates the germination of seeds, supports the plant during the light absorption process, promotes and orders plant metabolism, improves growth and stimulates the correct ripening of fruits. It also improves their quality and color and it strengthens the plants, while their defenses against fungi and insects get stronger.
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Horn Silica (501)


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