The innovative BioDea products

born from the know-how of the RM Energy Solutions Group of Arezzo and from the passion and skills of a team of agronomists who have been working for years in the organic and biodynamic agriculture sector. With their experience they have helped to create this network to market revolutionary and innovative products. They are natural, organic and organic but above all they allow significant water savings and full respect for the environment and health. Their ease of use makes them suitable for multiple end users from individuals to companies.

Zero residues

With the use of BioDea products, the residues on fruit and vegetables are zero because they are completely natural and organic

Attentive to Wellness

Where the Wood Distillate is sprayed, animal welfare is guaranteed unlike many agrochemical compounds

Rich in Nutrients

Our Biochar has a soil amendment effect without hindering normal root development

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biodea wood vinegar product range
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Wood Vinegar

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Application fields of BioDea products

Thanks to their ease of use, the innovative BioDea products are suitable for different end users. They are especially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises wishing to start or increase agricultural production, but they can also be indicated for those who want to cultivate more luxuriant plants, not only in agriculture but also on their terrace. BioDea products are suitable for specific sectors of hobby or commercial such as synergistic gardens and golf courses.Our agronomists are available to meet your needs and can help you in choosing the ideal product for you.


Ideal for private citizens who want to take care of their terraces and gardens

Gardens and vegetable gardens

Perfect for synergistic gardens and vegetable gardens


Suitable for all types of crops


Suitable for particular hobby sectors such as golf courses etc.


BioDea thanks the collaboration of important academic figures who, thanks to their experiments, have given scientific evidence of the effectiveness of our products: