Our quality, all-natural soil conditioners agents

Corroborants are substances of natural origin able to improve the resistance of plants to harmful organisms and protect plants from non-parasitic damage.

Corroborants differ from plant protection products in that they act only on the vigor of the plant without having direct effects against pathogens and parasites and differ from fertilizers because they do not mainly perform a nutritional function.

Best yield and quality

They act on the soil and plants, enhancing the vegetative and / or productive behaviors, allowing the soil to enrich with bacterial flora

They rebalance and fertilize

They increase the biological life of the soil by supporting the presence of earthworms and improving the fertility of marginal lands

Natural Defense

They favor the right balance between root growth and foliar apparatus, helping the plant in the stresses of drought or stagnation

A more stable ground

They favor an increase in the stability of the soil structure to better protect against surface erosion