BioDea would like to thank the collaboration of important academic figures that, thanks to their experiments, have given scientific evidence of the effectiveness of our products

Research: the first step towards a sustainable future

There is a lot of scientific evidence regarding the efficacy and sustainability of BioDea products especially of Wood Distillate, obtained in collaboration with Italian and European universities;

University of Pisa and CSIRO Agency

The scientific publication of Professor Becagli and Professor Cardelli of the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environnement (DAFE) has been subject of international scientific publication in the prestigious Australian Government Agency for Scientific Research on Innovation and Technology (CSIRO), with evidence of the positive “Pre-biotic” effects of Wood Distillate in the soil and the relative increase in microbial activity.

Dr. Asoli's Dissertation - University of Florence

The dissertation on the Wood Distillate entitled: “Phytoiatric potential of Wood Winegar: in vitro analysis of the antimicrobial and phytostimulating activity” Asoli G. 2017-18, proved the effective protective and barrier action against pathogens and their phytostimulating capacity. The bacterial and fungal strains used to carry out the dissertation were selected from the collections of the Laboratory of Molecular Plant Pathology (LPVM) of the Department of Agri-food Production and Environmental Sciences (DISPAA), University of Florence. , Contact person: Dr. Stefania Tegli.

Dr. Loppi's Dissertation - University of Siena

Effects of Wood Distillate and soy lecithin on photosynthetic performance and lettuce growth

Dr. Moratelli's Dissertation - University of Siena

The dissertation shows the eco-physiological effects of BioDea Wood Distillate on a horticultural species: the salad. The results allow us to conclude that foliar treatment with Wood Distillate has an important positive effect on the chlorophyll content (+ 50%) in canasta lettuce plants.

Dr. Tessi's Dissertation - University of Florence

Dr. Tessi’s dissertation, with Dr. Stefania Tegli as a supervisor, analyzes the potential of pyrolegnose acid as a stimulator of plant growth, evaluated by the root elongation test carried out on A. thaliana and N. tabacum and results comparable for these two species.

Wood Distillate has specific conditions of use based on the crop. Our agronomists have created specific cultivation sheets for each crop. Download them all or request a specific cultivation sheet based on your needs.

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