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Advice on treating apple trees attacked by woolly aphid:

The wolly apple aphid (Eriosoma lanigerum) is one of the main parasites of the apple tree. Eriosoma lanigerum overwinters in the form of a “naked” nymph (without wax covering) on ​​apple trees and it finds shelter in the cracks and under the detached bark. The nymphs become active towards the end of March or April in central and northern Italy. Towards the end of May, large colonies can be seen covered with a conspicuous white sticky “wool”, especially on spurs and branches. Several generations follow one another during the summer months. The repositories of the trunk or main branches are the ones are are more often attackedby it. Aphids mainly propagate via young wingless nymphs that crawl or are blown by the wind from tree to tree. Winged aphids are sometimes born during the summer. Sometimes at the beginning of autumn females that lay eggs are born, which however do not develop. It is therefore essential to use the BioDea Wood Distillate at the end of the harvest, after pruning, by abundantly wetting the trunk and branches with a 1/300 dose and then with doses indicated in the cultural sheet.

There are bugs on my field, what can I do?

Dear Dario M., thank you for contacting us.

Following the use of one of our products by one of our customers who grows Kiwi, in this specific case the Wood Distillate, a soil improver and inducer of resistance, it has also had an effect for bugs removal. Its effect lasted about 5 days, then some of them reappeared but by repeating the treatment with the product the phenomenon of making the environment unfavorable for this insect persists for about 14 days.

The experience of Giorgio P. who used the Wood Distillate on the Pittosporum affected by Sooty mould

Mr. Giorgio asked us for an advice in order to treat soolty mould and following three treatment cycles with each 3/4 days of 167 ml of Wood Distillate in 100 liters of water, these are the results obtained:


The experience of Mrs. Milena G. who used the Wood Distillate on fennel affected by the sclerotinia fungus:

Mrs. Milena asked us to help her to eliminate the sclerotinia fungus that had affected her fennel cultivation. After three treatment cycles with a repetition each 3/4 days with 300 ml of Wood Distillate in 100 liters of water, she has verified the effectiveness of the treatment. Her cultivation is lush, of a more intense color. This is a photo of the results obtained:

trattamento finocchio biodea

Mr. Antonio I. illustrates his experience with the BIO Wood Distillate:

I used the Wood Distillate as a resistance inductor and soil conditioner in my fruit and vegetable farm because the Psilla pear trees had some honeydew. I solved the problem with two treatments three days apart. The plants have cleared up and, not only have I not lost the harvest, but I have also had an evident vegetative recovery. Now I have started to use it also on basil, pumpkins and tomatoes with a great vegetative activity of vegetables and this is allowing me to considerably reduce other protective products. Watch the video of the field trials

The experience of Mr. Sebastiano N. that made a 1000lt treatment of Wood Distillate with a 1: 500 dilution on citrus plants:

In September 2019 I used the Wood Distillate eliminate the cottony cochineal from my citrus plants in Sicily and with a single treatment I eliminated the honeydew from the plants. Watch the video of the field trial.

Could you indicate me the doses of wood vinegar to be used for the treatment of the vineyard?

The agronomist recommends the treatment with Wood Vinegar, in quantities of 200 ml / Ha, every 7/10 days, based on seasonal conditions and to make the environment unwelcome to insects and parasites in the most critical periods.

Download the BioDea treatment proposals and fertilization plans for the various crops:




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