Wood Distillate has several fields of application, among which some already tested and other ongoing ones.

Natural treatment for stone goods

“BioConCultura” Announcement of Tuscany Region

Ecological Leather Treatment

Usable for tanning

From Wood for Wood

Usable as a natural wood impregnator

Repellent action

Usable as a repellent for insects

Natural Antioxidant

Usable as liquid smoke for smoking

Zootechnical Application

Usable in the animal feed sector

Natural Cleaning

Usable for a natural cleaning of surfaces

Wood Distillate has specific conditions of use based on the crop. Our agronomists have created specific cultivation sheets for each crop. Download them all or request a specific cultivation sheet based on your needs.

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5 Litri
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250 ml
500 ml

BIO Wood Distillate

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