Designed for the agricultural sector, the invigorating, microbial-based phytostimulant called Fladen or MT is a completely natural quality restorative able to restore and improve soil fertility by enhancing the soil and the typical productions related to it.

How it works

With aerobic action, it enriches the first layers of soil with the transformation activity of organic compounds, transforming them into humic compounds, providing a strong vegetative boost to cultivated plants, associated with an enrichment of mycorrhizal symbiont fungi that amplify the specific exchange surface of the roots.

It acts on the soil

enhancing the vegetative and / or productive behaviors and improving the yield and quality of the productions

It enhances

enriches the soil with the bacterial flora that is necessary for the humification processes of the organic substance as well as for the organization and availability of the mineral elements of the soil

It rebalances

and increases biological life in the soil by supporting the presence of earthworms

It improves fertility

especially of marginal and deteriorated land