The almond tree is a fruit tree belonging to the Rosaceae family and to the prunus genus, while the almond is the seed of this tree.

The almond tree is a small, deciduous and broad-leaved tree, up to 5-7 meters high. The almond tree has slow growth and is very long-lived: it can become centuries-old.

It has taproot roots and a stem at first straight and smooth and gray in color, subsequently twisted, cracked and dark. Its leaves, up to 12 cm long, are lanceolate and petiolate; the white or slightly pink flowers, with a diameter of up to 5 cm, have 5 sepals, 5 petals, 40 stamens (arranged on three verticils) and a pistil with a semi-inferior ovary.

The flowers bloom in early spring: it is among the earliest blooms and where the climate is mild, it blooms even between January and February. The fruit is a drupe containing the almond, that is the seed with a woody shell covered with a green husk. Almonds are harvested in September-August depending on the cultivar.

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